MMMH 2 Launch Day

Good Evening everybody. Tonight we released MMMH 2. We also released season 1 with the launch as well. We hope you enjoy the extra levels that were introduced with this update. Its been a real struggle getting this game to exist so we are very exited to share it with yall.

Have fun, 

Donquae Alfred Team


  1. 5 New levels
  2. Revamped Menu System
  3. Graphical Fixes
  4. Lighting Issues Fixed
  5. Added Menu that you can choose either Campaign Levels or Seasonal Levels it also contains a funbox level choice that will be coming in Season 2 or later in the year
  6. News Tab Added
  7. HUD updated
  8. Texture Scaling Bugs Fixed
  9. New Font



MMMH 2 | Season 1 | Launch Edition 661 MB
Jan 13, 2022

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