The MMMH Trilogy

After the MMMH 2 seasons conclude around april of this year we will be shifting development to MMMH 3 - The Finale. MMMH 3 will most likley be released around June and will be a game with no DLC, Seasons or aditional content. It will consist of the main campaign and that it. After MMMH 3 is released we will be wrapping up the MMMH series. MMMH 3 will be the last MMMH. Currently we are looking for other ideas so that we can start prototyping. If you have any ideas that you would like to see come to life please email us at - - Currently our main coding skills are around FPS based things like AI and Projectile code but we are open to any and all game ideas. 

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Donquae Alfred Team

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